Event Press Release

An event press release is as simple as a communication tool used to announce an event. It follows the same format as any normal news release. An event press release also has the time it should be released embossed on it, that is whether for ‘Immediate Release’ or at a later date which will be indicated.

An event press release should contain all relevant details of the event. These are the reasons why the event is being organized, who is attending, what the event will be about, where and when it is being held. You should never go on writing a news release for an event if you are not privy to these very necessary details.

It is also important that people know where the event press release is originating from. Thus making it very important for you to write your news release on a recognizable letterhead, preferably a company letterhead. If you fail to do this, people may not recognize where the news release is coming from and will therefore not give the necessary attention to it. This is also to discourage any unauthorized persons from writing a news release and adding the details of your company to it for it to seem as if your company issued the business release. This could cause serious problems which can be tackled by using only your company letterheads.

You also need to make sure your media release headline can be a massive attention grabber.

A media release with a headline that does not grab attention is as useless as a media release which has no headline. An outstanding and interesting headline will usually draw attention to the details of your media release thereby helping it to receive the maximum readership attention. More often than not, your media release will have to literally struggle with several others from other companies and even competitors for attention. This is why it is important for your headline to be very visible and eye catching. Your headline should also clearly communicate the reason for the event press release. It should not be filled with fanciful words.

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