Executive / Staff Announcements

Press releases are a great way to expand your client and customer base. You can also attract new vendors, joint ventures and other affiliates-all of which can help your business grow and thrive. Press releases are formally written messages from any organization to a media company intended to make your business or organization appear interesting enough to be included in the media publications. If successful, a press release will convince a media outlet to mention your company in its publication.

Press releases can benefit your business by increasing the number of people who know about it. It functions like advertising except it is much cheaper to have a press release written than to take out an ad in a publication. You can use press releases to announce new products, new staff, and new services. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of other business developments to announce in press releases as well. These could include a change in location, opening a new office, winning a local, regional or national award of any kind, the launch of incentive programs, and any new joint venture or partnerships.

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