Expert Positioning Press Releases

To make your business soar, you must position yourself as an expert. When your potential clients are deciding who they will do business with, they are less concerned with price. Today’s savvy potential clients are interested in working with who can do the best job. As a personal transformation expert working with individuals and professionals, I tell my clients over and over “everybody wants to do business with an expert.” If you want to increase your business success, establish yourself as an expert. People will give you their business to you if they know you have the expertise to do an excellent job for them.

You can do press releases and event listings in publications that lots of people will read even if they do not attend. This results in people saying to you the ever popular phase “I see your name everywhere.” Establishing name recognition is a big part of positioning yourself as an expert.

Get media coverage. Produce a press kit discussing the topics you would like to speak to. Send out news releases to your local papers radio stations and TV shows when you are doing something news worthy. When you are a guest on a show always ask for a video or a tape so you can use it for other opportunities later.

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